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    Palm Beach is a few miles north of Miami on the eastside of Florida. Jefferson Palm Beach Apartment at 290 Courtney Lakes Circle, West Palm Beach is close to Clear Lake. From the lake, you can follow the current leading to the apartment community.


    Entrance to the finest Jefferson Palm Beach Apartment Staff is thru Lamberton Drive, at the north side, coming from the Executive Center Drive. The entire gated community consists of a large swath of square land between I-95, North Congress Avenue, the Executive Center Drive and Lamberton Drive.


    Inside the gated community is found about 10 clusters of imposing but delightful-looking 3-floor apartment building complexes in a geographic grid of seven blocks embedded on wide roads. The modern, upscale apartment community is embedded with attractive features such as a resort style pool embedded with private cabanas.


    The finest Jefferson Palm Beach Apartment Staff is located in a large office beside the swimming pool close to the clubhouse. It includes a management office, a leasing office and a section where the residents would sign the contracts. It includes a maintenance office, a security office and customer relations office.


    The assigned manpower of the finest Jefferson Palm Beach Apartment Staff includes the following:


    • The Managing Director of the entire 10-cluster apartment community
    • Assistant Manager to handle the operations of the apartment community
    • Supervisor for Customer Service and Relations
    • Supervisor for Leasing and Utilities
    • Supervisor for Maintenance
    • Supervisor for Facilities and Rentals
    • Supervisor for Technical Operations
    • Maintenance Teams
    • Security Teams


    The finest Jefferson Palm Beach Apartment Staff works daily from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM. The customer service teams, maintenance teams and the security teams have 3 shifts of personnel. The maintenance and security teams have “mobile offices” while customer service relations have “satellite offices” in each apartment block.


    The finest Jefferson Palm Beach Apartment Staff is under the supervision of the Jefferson Palm Beach Apartment Management Board. The technical operation teams, the one that handles the Wi-Fi and computerization requirements of the finest Jefferson Palm Beach Apartment Staff has a 24-hour small staff always on hand.


    Space between apartments provides an atmosphere of wellness and exuberance that can inspire residents to move around and interact with other residents in a friendly and harmonious manner. Huge arrays of window panes add a breathtaking artistic feature to the entire apartment building facility. The Jefferson Palm Beach Apartment speaks of harmony, functionality, abundance and warmth, enhancing a sense of satisfaction, safety and security for the residents. You can visit site : http://jeffersonpalmbeach.com/